SMS Marketing Is More Beneficial For Business

The first question businesses ask about text marketing is why send bulk SMS online, when there are other ways of marketing. Text marketing has many advantages but businesses want to know only about biggest benefits of marketing via text messages.

Bulk Sms Providers
Bulk Sms Providers

Here are the important benefits of SMS marketing:

  1. Open rate

Over 90% of text messages are open and read within ten seconds of delivery. It is an impressive rate as even emails can achieve just above 40% open rate. Also there is no fear of getting blocked or dropping spam messages.

  1. Low cost and high ROI

When you send bulk SMS online, you save your money and time as text messaging is cheaper than any other form of marketing including emails. Also the high open rate of messages guarantees high ROI. When maximum messages are read, you can expect more leads.

  1. Highly targeted and personalized

Messages are delivered but network carriers to mobiles. There is no need of broadband connectivity for sending or reading text messages. Also targeting mobile numbers is easier than targeting email ids. What is more exciting about SMS is that it can carry website link to targeted audiences. The recipients can visit the website by clicking on the link.

A experienced bulk SMS company can provide more information and education on advantages of SMS marketing. Also the company can offer cost effective SMS plans for marketing. Text marketing is suitable for many purposes including mass communication where you can spread a specific message among masses.



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